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How to book ola or uber taxi in Goa?

Why there is ola or uber in Goa__

Unfortunately in Goa there is no ola and uber taxi service. Because most of the population of Goa is largely depend on taxi service and it is their livelihood. If companies like ola and uber will come in Goa than it will disturb livelihood of Goan who’s main income is coming from taxi service. So this was the main reason to companies like ola cabs cannot come to Goa. It is a government decision and really appreciated.

Goa get tourist from all over the world and is the dream destination for some tourist. International tourist as well as domestic tourist are equally important in Goa.

why there is no ola cabs in Goa?

Why taxi charges are high in Goa? & from where you can hire taxi?

Mostly we heard tourists complaining about high fare prices & they say in metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi,Banglore and many it is very cheap taxi prices. Below are some reason why you will find taxi price a little bit costlier in Goa.

  • Suppose If a taxi is booked for calangute to mapusa and the fare is rs 350. So once he take booking than his stand for the day is gone his total income would be just 350 in that he has to pay instalment of vehicles and many expenses. Mostly people get 1 or 2 booking for their taxi
  • Dabolim Airport is 45 km from calangute but why they are charging 1200 it is just 45 km? When a taxi take to your destination while coming they don’t have a right to take passengers from that side where they are dropping so while coming he have to come without passengers. so it will b

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