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Essential things to carry before planning trip to Goa

Driving licence

Most of the time people forget to carry their driving license and they regret here by coming in Goa that they forgot it. Goa is a place for self exploration you can hire a car or bike and visit the most beautiful places in Goa in a convenient way. In Goa the taxi fares are little on the higher side and there are many limitation to it. But when you take a bike on rent you can visit you desired places at anytime. So it is very advisable to carry their driving licence. In most metro cities like mumbai,Delhi and bangalore people tend to use train or other medium for their daily transportation and they completely forget the inner peace you get when you ride bike early morning before sunrise or at late night rides with loved ones.

Footwear & shorts

If you want to go on beach and have a fun and enjoy at beaches in Goa. Don’t forget to carry a comfortable pair of footwear and shorts. You can’t wear jeans at beach and swim. Do carry your comfortable pair of clothes and footwear.


Goa is gifted with wonderful whether. Neither it is too hot nor it is too cold but whenever you are travelling it is advisable that to wear a sunglass in Goa. Sunglasses can be useful at certain things like on the beach or while riding bike or posting your selfies on instagram.


To protect your skin from the hot sun it is advisable to carry your preferences of sunscreen. Throughout the day in Goa you will roaming around in hot sun. Sunscreen will help you to protect your skin.


Never run out of charge. When you come to visit Goa. You take a room but does you stay all day in a room only? No. Right but instead you will be visiting your bucket list places in Goa and capturing the wonderful movement with your love ones on your mobile phone. Many people tend to forget powerbank and they cannot capture the beautiful moments on their phone dur to run out of charge. It is always advisable to carry powerbank. One powerbank is enough between couples.

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