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Best adventure activities to do in Goa


Flyboarding in Goa was the most innovate thing in the watersport sector in India. Because it was mainly introduce in foreign countries one had just a wish to do that but they can’t travel abroad for that. but flyboarding is being operating  in Goa you can see the flyboarding in the most famous Bollywood movie bang bang. Hrithik Roshan has shown the fun involved in this adventure activities in flyboarding. you will find 2 Flyboarding at two different places. They are two different from each other.
At Miramar beach you will find there a control gear to handle the flyboard.
At Siloim, it is same as you have seen in the movie bang bang . In this a Rider stand on the board connected by a long host to the watercraft

Scuba Diving at Grand Island

Experience the fun which cannot be described in awards Scuba Diving is the most favourite adventure activity in Goa.Most of people afraid to do for the first time but once you done with this activity. Than you will be so confident and the fear will be gone. The scuba diving in Goa is made specially for beginners and non swimmers.


Watersport feel refresh and thrilling activity. When you involve yourself at watersport activities you will be so excited and feel happy about the activity.All the activities are fully safe and you will easily find it on mostly at every beach in Goa. The parasailing and other water ride activities take around 2 hours to complete. A full watersport package is advisable to choose rather than a single activity.

Sea Rafting

Sea Rafting is a new trip introduce in Goa. It is done right in the sea. First time in India experience the Fun involved in the sea rafting with your loved ones rafting is done at morjim beach.


A very adventurous activity and in this a proper training will be provided.

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